Trending on Cardionyx

Trending on Cardionyx

Trending on Cardionyx
  • Grocery Bag Workout

    Before you unload your groceries, try this quick minute grocery bag workout that will challenge your arm strength.

    Equipment used in this video:
    - Two grocery bags

  • Curtain Workout

    Have a curtains? Then head to the living room to get fit using only curtains!

  • Rainbow Workout

    We're making the shape of a rainbow with each exercise!

  • Kneeling Booty Burn

    These kneeling exercises are going to kick your booty—literally. You'll be feeling the burn all through the workout.

  • The Ultimate Yoga & Balance Workout

    This yoga workout forces your body to work on it's stability and core strength. With each meditating exercise, you'll utilize all the muscles in your body, which will create a strong, powerful body.

  • Can Workout

    Sweat it out using cans! These metal cylinders can get you a good workout.

  • Paper Towel Workout

    Get fit using paper towel!