Over 10 Minutes

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  • Can Workout

    Sweat it out using cans! These metal cylinders can get you a good workout.

  • Grocery Bag Workout

    Before you unload your groceries, try this quick minute grocery bag workout that will challenge your arm strength.

    Equipment used in this video:
    - Two grocery bags

  • Kneeling Booty Burn

    These kneeling exercises are going to kick your booty—literally. You'll be feeling the burn all through the workout.

  • Kettlebell Workout For Beginners

    New to kettlebells? Then try this beginner-friendly workout that works the entire body.

    I've made sure all the exercises are user-friendly—but still challenging—so someone with any experience level can have a good workout while training safely.

  • Jumping Workout

    These fun jumping exercises will build explosive power, stability and coordination. Your whole body will be engaged.

  • Epic Jump Rope Workout

    These awesome jump rope workouts will make you jump in excitement.