10 Minutes

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  • 10 Minute Beginner's Arm Workout

    Surprisingly, beginner’s moves can actually put together for a killer arm workout. Follow along at home to begin building the toned arms of your dreams.

  • 10 Minute Toned Arms & Body Workout

    This total body workout focuses on dynamic moves that'll get your heart pumping, plus, dumbbell moves to tone your arms.

  • 10 Minute Apartment Friendly Workout - No Jumping/No Equipment

    You don't have to worry about disturbing your neighbors ever again with this short workout. This apartment-friendly workout has no jumps, despite all the cardio exercises. Plus, no equipment is used. You'll be breaking a sweat without having to lift anything.

  • 10 Min Full Body Beginner Floor Workout (No Standing)

    This 10 minute full body workout is challenging, yet completely beginner friendly. Every exercise is done of the floor; and no equipment is needed.

  • Lunge Leg Burner

    Lunge it out as you burn your legs with me. This workout is full of lunge variations that will keep you engaged. No equipment is needed.

  • Grocery Bag Workout

    Before you unload your groceries, try this quick minute grocery bag workout that will challenge your arm strength.

    Equipment used in this video:
    - Two grocery bags

  • Hello Yellow 10 Minute Full Body Workout

    Say hello yellow, and goodbye to fat as you burn calories. This workout is beginner friendly, with no equipment needed.